The story of Mel Jenner, WWII Veteran, 97.

The story of Mel Jenner, WWII Veteran, 97.

Mel Jenner is a 97 year old World War II B-17 Gunner who had PTSD for over 70 years. This living treasure joined Kari Russo, Jeff Mclaughlin and Allen Kanerva to share of the loss of a close friend in combat that left him struggling, and a second blow of getting the official PTSD diagnosis much later in life. Carrying the trauma of war, Mel coped in the only way he knew how: by weekly attendance at a PTSD support group for World War II Veterans. For 17 years he attended the group faithfully, until he was the only surviving member left. Mel recently began working to clear his trauma and in the video below and on our January 20th podcast he shared of his progress, now finally able to share part of his World War II story with the world. 

->Mel’s story, “Flying Fortress,” is an Emmy Award winning documentary-style short film produced by Vela Visuals (…/…/B081GKMHGW). 

(Photo Courtesy: Shawn Vela)

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